Amanda Gilbert

Amanda Gilbert Cary Flow YogaEver since she was little, Amanda has loved being outdoors and having an active lifestyle. Between running around on the family farm and chasing her sisters around, physical activity has always been an essential part of life.

Amanda first discovered yoga when she began college at UNC in Chapel Hill, as she was searching for an effective workout that could still be done in the small space of her dorm room. She quickly fell in love with the practice, and began to learn how much more it had to offer besides the many physical benefits. The healing power of breath, the importance of loving and respecting our minds and bodies, uncovering deeper patience and kindness, cultivating gratitude for our lives just as they are—each time we roll out our mats, we give ourselves an opportunity to learn and grow.

In May of 2014, Amanda completed a 200-hour teacher certification program at Franklin Street Yoga Center with the wonderful and talented Lori Burgwyn. It was a truly transformational step in her yoga journey; she learned so much about the practice, about herself, and about how she wants to live her life. In June of 2014, she moved to downtown Raleigh and began teaching at Cary Flow in August. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach, and hopes to share her love and passion for yoga through her classes.