Diala Hamed

Diala was introduced to yoga as a college freshman in Wilmington N.C. After her first class she noticed the immediate release of tension in her physical body, and after a few classes she noticed how much more relaxed her mind was too. This realization sparked her curiosity about the philosophy of yoga, and lead to her desire to learn how and why yoga works.
She received her 200 hour CYT in the Caribbean town, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Under a straw hut in the rainforest surrounded by sloths and exotic reptiles, she learned the practices of pranayama, asana, chanting, and many more techniques which when practiced, ultimately help us become our most humble and content selves. She has since taught and participated in yoga across the globe. She has spent ten days in silent meditation in New Zealand to better understand her mind.
Yoga has taught Diala to ride the waves of life instead of trying to fight them. She believes wherever you are in your practice is always enough, but when you’re ready she’ll give you the extra push to pass the limits of your mind.