Elizabeth Huntley

Liz began her yoga journey in high school practicing Hot Vinyasa Yoga in Southern Pines, NC. Her yoga practice began as a physical practice, doing only hot vinyasa classes. She got her RTY-200 in 2013 through Mind Body Centering Yoga in Hillsborough, NC, through which she began expanding her breadth of knowledge beyond the physical side of yoga. She soon realized that there were many other aspects of practice that could benefit her, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since becoming certified she have taught yogis beginner to advanced in hot and cool studios, and specialty classes such as inversion yoga, and Indoboard yoga.

Liz is firm believer that once having a steady yoga practice, it is easy to identify ways that it is beneficial in day-to-day life. From finding meditative breaths when stressed, to sneaking in stretches at your office desk, to making healthier choices in the kitchen, yoga is a practice that surpasses the studio.