Colin Russell

Colin has always been an active person, from competing in athletics throughout his life, from receiving his certification as a personal trainer in 2002 (NSCA-CPT) to graduating with a Masters in Sports Management. Years ago, Colin realized something was missing from his training routine. He thought to himself, “What is something I have never tried; something I could never have seen myself doing?” The answer, YOGA!

Colin began practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga while living in Boston, MA, and has not looked back since. He loves how yoga challenges you in the most comprehensive way, both mind and muscle. Colin’s practice has evolved greatly since he rolled out his mat for the very first time. Finding a home at Inner Strength Studio in Watertown, MA under the influence of wonderful instructors like Roman Zspond and Rebecca Pacheco his practice grew. Not long after, he began participating in a number of Baptiste Immersions and Trainings, including, Baptiste’s, Foundations in Action & Level One Training, and Being of Power and Art of Assisting. He has also completed an additional RYT-200 training in vinyasa flow with Carson Efird, here in Raleigh, which gave him an even greater sense of what the practice truly has to offer.

Colin is excited to share Cary Flow Yoga within the Cary & Raleigh, NC yoga community, as teaching is a way for him to express his passion for yoga. His journey continues with a sense of humor and a commitment to his students and the community.


Anna Jewell

Anna grew up playing sports and discovered yoga in high school after she heard about its benefits for athletes. It was not until she moved to North Carolina in 2011 that she began to delve deeper into the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. After suffering numerous injuries, on and off the mat, she became immersed in learning the anatomy of yoga and how to employ proper alignment. After using this understanding to heal herself, Anna set out to help her students gain awareness of yoga’s therapeutic methods in order to find healing in their own lives.

In 2014, Anna completed her 200 hour Power Vinyasa training at the Wilmington Yoga Center with Tamal Dodge. She completed her 500-hour teacher training in 2016 with Grace Morales. Anna is currently working towards an additional 500-hour certification with world-renowned teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank. In addition, Anna has attended trainings with Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, Taylor Harkness, Alexis Martin and Dice Iida-Klein. Having over one thousand hours of teaching experience qualifies Anna as an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT200). Anna’s classes focus on fun, creative and intelligent sequencing with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment that allow her students to challenge their mental and physical capacities.


Diala Hamed

Diala was introduced to yoga as a college freshman in Wilmington N.C. After her first class, she noticed the immediate release of tension in her physical body. As she continued taking classes, she noticed how much more relaxed her mind was too. This realization sparked her curiosity about the philosophy of yoga, and lead to her desire to learn the how’s and why’s of yoga.

She received 200-hour CYT in the Caribbean town, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Under a straw hut in the rainforest surrounded by sloths and exotic reptiles, she learned the practices of pranayama, asana, chanting, and many more techniques which when practiced, ultimately help us become our most humble and content selves. She has since taught and participated in yoga across the globe. In addition to her studies, Diala has spent ten days in silent meditation in New Zealand to better understand her mind. 

Yoga has taught Diala to ride the waves of life instead of trying to fight them. She believes wherever you are, your practice is always enough, but when you’re ready she’ll give you the extra push to pass the limits of your mind.


Elissa Smith

Elissa has always had a love for yoga long before she knew it had a name.  She has been practicing officially for over 10 years and teaching for 5.  She received her first yoga certification through Jiva Yoga Center in Hilton Head, SC.  In 2013, Elissa completed a 200 hour Baptiste affiliate training and advanced Edge Training with Dancing Dogs Yoga.  Elissa’s class challenge students to step out of their comfort zone, have breakthroughs and create new possibilities through the mind, body, and spirit.



Heather Whelehan

Heather Whelehan is a Certified Baptiste Teacher and has been practicing yoga since 1999. Originally from Ohio, Heather came to North Carolina by way of New Jersey and Massachusetts. She discovered yoga while in graduate school in Boston. Serendipitously, Baron Baptiste opened the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute (BPYI) in Cambridge, Massachusetts next door to Heather’s apartment. Although, it was way out of her comfort zone, she tried her first class with Baron. The euphoric feeling of being wrung out and refreshed- physically and mentally- brought her a lightness she had never felt before. She has been committed to practicing and training in the methodology ever since.

Heather teaches challenging, empowering, and playful classes. Through the Baptiste practices of asana, self-inquiry and meditation, she encourages students to expand into new possibility and greatness. Heather believes that yoga has something big to offer everyone and is passionate about sharing the practice. Heather also adores working with children. Teaching children invigorates her own practice and adult teaching with freedom and fearlessness.

Heather is Baptiste Certified through BPYI and completed a 200-hour teacher training with Master Baptiste Teacher Bill Raup in Philadelphia. She earned her children’s yoga certification at Karma Kids Yoga with Shari Vilchez-Blatt in New York City. In addition to yoga, friends, family and faith keep Heather grounded and grateful. Most of all, she enjoys having fun with her husband and five children- on and off their yoga mats.


Jamie McQuiggan

Jamie McQuiggan’s first yoga experience was as a high schooler. She left the room in a fit of giggles -it was *so lame* –  and didn’t return to the mat for many years. Several years ago, unhappy at her job as a technical writer and stressed out as a new mom, she tried getting on the mat again and something clicked. As a swimmer growing up and in college and a (one-time) marathon runner, Jamie is naturally drawn toward intense physical challenges, and hot yoga fit that bill. And what’s more, she found through slowing down, breathing, and challenging her balance, she was able to access the mental benefits of yoga. She found the courage to follow her heart, which led to her quitting her job and becoming a yoga teacher.*

Jamie did her 200-hour teacher training at Indigo Hot Yoga in Raleigh. She loves to create flows that challenge students physically and give them space to find that mental and emotional connection that can lead to deeper personal insight and growth. She also loves the way yoga can highlight how different life can be day-to-day, maybe one day you can balance in Eagle pose all day and the next you’re a wobbly mess! Making peace with these fluctuations, and coping with our humanity and imperfections, is an amazing takeaway from the practice of yoga.

*results not typical.


Jane Howard Crutchfield

Jane Howard Crutchfield took her first yoga class while in college at UNC-Wilmington, and was hooked immediately.  It really seemed to be the perfect supplemental workout to her other obsession at the time, surfing.  After college, she moved to Colorado and there she developed a more consistent practice and a deeper affinity for power yoga.  In 2009, she discovered Yin yoga, and found that to be such an important practice to help balance her fast-paced (yang) life. She now has a sincere passion for teaching both yin and vinyasa.

Jane Howard completed teacher training with Lori Burgywn at Franklin Street Yoga Center in the Spring of 2013.  She believes that yoga is more than just postures and breath; it is also a deeper connection to our selves and to the world around us.  Inspired by Lori Burgwyn and Baron Baptiste, she is passionate about creating sequences that are both purposeful and challenging, but also fun.


Jennifer Stanigar

Jennifer embarked on the yogic journey in 1996 while living in Jamaica. Her dedication and love for the practice led her to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts where she completed her first teacher training in 2000. She was one of the first yoga teachers at Shakti Mind Body Fitness in Kingston, Jamaica, where she continued to teach and actively participate in the growing yoga community until her return to the U.S. in 2009.

She has led workshops and lectured in YA-approved yoga teacher training programs, in addition to serving the Raleigh community as part of a network of teachers who bring yoga into the local prisons. Jennifer regularly attends retreats and training certifications, and she is a certified prenatal yoga teacher and Thai Yoga therapist. Jennifer offers an integrated practice of pranayama, asana, meditation, and deep relaxation in her classes. She shares her love of yoga through skillful teaching and compassionate presence and encourages students toward deepening their individual practice.


Kateryna Bieliaieva

Kateryna joined the Cary Flow community as one of its first students in 2013. She was looking for a place to connect with the local yogis while building a new life in Cary, after having moved with her husband to North Carolina from New York. The community inspired her to make a long-time dream come true by completing a yoga teacher training. In May 2014, she completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training at Franklin Street Yoga studio in Chapel Hill, NC. Even though the focus of her training was on Power Vinyasa, she has always found opportunities to deepen her knowledge by attending special yoga workshops and seminars, where she pursued the study of breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, as well as other styles of modern yoga practice.

When teaching a yoga class, Kateryna tries to help her students get the most benefits from their practice by focusing not only on the exercise element, known as asana, but also by incorporating pranayama and meditation. She is excited to share the gift of yoga and its benefits with anyone who is interested in building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Outside of the Cary Flow studio, Kateryna’s passions include traveling, hiking, learning foreign languages, and exploring the local food scene.


Larisa Lotz

Larisa Lotz’s forte is getting her clients to take simple movements and perform them with precision and intention. In essence, this involves working from the ground up on strength, balance in the body, and fluidity of movement. She is our “go to” movement specialist, and is a strong believer that “one must earn his or her movement progression.” In other words, she will not allow her clients to go to the “next level” of movement until they have mastered the current level. This approach creates total body awareness and complete efficiency for clients. Because of her detailed attention to movement, she works brilliantly with the aging population and endurance athletes, as well as with clients of all ages.

Larisa, a TRX® Suspension Training® expert, has used TRX for eight years and has trained with it for five years. She regularly attends training seminars and educational conferences across the country, conducted by top TRX trainers, to continuously stay at the edge of TRX advancements and bring those innovations home to her clients.

For Larisa, it isn’t all about “the sweat.” A former elite runner and triathlete, she feels the body is precious and that we must treat it that way, by being conscious of our movement and using it to create balance while building the desired physique. To that end, she utilizes movement assessments to stay on top of her clients’ forms to create proper function in the body. Larisa is high energy and fun to work with, and she will make you think!

Fitness background: Runner (“miler” in college), triathlons

Current fitness interests: Functional training, biking, running, yoga

Mentors: Mark Verstegen, Greg Rose, D.C., Todd Wright, Fraser Quelch

Certifications: National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) Certified Personal Trainer; Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certifications 1 and 2; Certified TRX® Suspension Training® Level 1, TRX Group Training Level 2, and TRX Physical Therapy; Certified Trainer Ultimate Sandbags DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance TrainingTM); Master’s in Special Education concentrated in Physical and Cognitive Development


Lauren Tolley

Lauren came to yoga in her freshmen year of college, in 2011, dealing with several personal issues including an anxiety disorder and mild OCD symptoms. She began practicing in her apartment with videos she found online. Her background in gymnastics helped her feel an instant connection to the postures and flow of yoga; however, it wasn’t until a few months later that she truly fell in love with yoga, when she stepped into her first class. Everything about the breath and flow resonated with her and she felt as though it were made for her.

Through a regular practice, within a few short months, nearly all of her health issues faded away and her personal issues resolved themselves as she found a deep lifelong purpose to practice yoga and share the love and joy the practice gave her with her students. She was certified in Hatha Vinyasa shortly after stepping into her first class and has been learning, growing, and teaching ever since. Lauren has been teaching between 4 and 15 classes a week since early 2014 and recently transitioned into making teaching her career, following her passion.

Her philosophy as a teacher is simple: the only limits that exist are the ones you set in your own mind. She encourages her students to be fearless and to always find joy in their practice and in their lives. In her classes, she teaches students how to playfully approach more difficult postures and remain lighthearted as they challenge themselves.

She has experience teaching all different levels, age groups, and abilities, and has experience teaching vinyasa, hot flow, power, core, yin yoga, and yoga for athletes. She is a 200-hr certified Hatha instructor from One Heart Yoga, Fuquay Varina NC. When Lauren isn’t sharing her love of yoga she can be found playing outside with her husband and their two furry kids- and, well, doing yoga.


Liz Huntley

Liz began her yoga journey in high school practicing Hot Vinyasa Yoga in Southern Pines, NC. Her yoga practice began as a physical practice, doing only hot vinyasa classes. She got her RTY-200 in 2013 through Mind Body Centering Yoga in Hillsborough, NC, through which she began expanding her breadth of knowledge beyond the physical side of yoga. She soon realized that there were many other aspects of practice that could benefit her, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since becoming certified she has taught beginner yogis to advanced in hot and cool studios, and specialty classes such as inversion yoga, and Indoboard yoga.

Liz is a firm believer that once having a steady yoga practice, it is easy to identify ways that it is beneficial in day-to-day life. From finding meditative breaths when stressed, sneaking in stretches at your office desk, to making healthier choices in the kitchen, yoga is a practice that surpasses the studio.


Margaret Popin

Popin was born and raised in Mission Viejo, California. Her childhood home was rich in the arts and the pursuit of knowledge, and she has been singing and acting since a young age. She went on to study vocal and theatrical performance at a university and has a background in improvisational comedy. All of these passions and experiences have influenced her distinctive teaching personality.

Being an individual who struggles with high functioning anxiety and depression, Margaret discovered profound relief through an interest in the study of the mind, and, in particular, the connection between the mind and the body. After having studied some of the work of Carl Jung and other pioneers in the field of psychology, Margaret wanted to take a further look back to the roots of some of their theories….enter in eastern philosophy and yoga!

Margaret is a registered yoga teacher at the 200-hour level. She trained at Blue Lotus in Raleigh NC, with an emphasis in alignment-based Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin yoga. She has taught in Utah, California, and North Carolina, her current place of residence. In addition, she is certified by the Connection Coalition in trauma-sensitive yoga, and is eager to bring yoga to underprivileged communities. She is currently enrolled in Blue Lotus’ advanced yoga teacher training program.

Margaret’s teaching philosophy focuses on the heart. She encourages playfulness, empowerment, reverence, and groundedness so as to be able to connect to the loving divine that resides within all living things.


Melissa Campbell

As a child, Melissa was always interested in physical activities. She basically grew up on the farm, helping her grandfather plow the fields and tend to the cattle. As she grew older she began to dabble in different sports and activities finding a passion in motion: as a softball player, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, runner, and her grandfather’s little helper. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t an athlete. This lifestyle has been a gift and a tool as she now observes her grandfather, who is now 86 maintaining an active lifestyle with a healthy body and mind.

After the birth of her two beautiful boys, a friend introduced Melissa to pilates. What started out as another way to exercise to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight, turned into a year of movement that was not just exercise but also mind-body awareness. As she continued her journey of pilates movement she gained better self-esteem and knowledge that this work, although exercise, was bringing calmness to her life.

After a year of participating in private and group classes, Melissa was motivated to become an instructor-completing the full comprehensive work through Balanced Body University, followed by TRX training in 2011. The fusion of TRX with Pilates core strengthening tools comes naturally as the next progression of her impact as a fitness and wellness instructor.

Melissa’s belief is that exercising the body and mind will lead one to a lifetime of good health and mental stability.


Seneca McCue 

Seneca is originally from the tri-state area. Growing up she would spend her afternoons in the dance studio where she found her love for fitness and movement. Since college, Seneca has enjoyed trying different fitness programs and became excited about the possibility of helping others achieve their goals by teaching!

Seneca enjoys TRX because of its versatility. The amount of exercises you can do are endless and she uses this to challenge her students with new material each week. Seneca is certified in TRX Functional and Group Training, Pilates Suspension Method, and is AFAA certified in Group Fitness. She is also currently participating in the Yoga Teacher Training at Cary Flow Yoga.

Seneca lives in Cary with her husband, two children, and two dogs. When Seneca is not at Cary Flow she enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, skiing, and cooking. You can also find her in the NICU working as a nurse.