Larisa Lotz, TRX

Larisa Lotz’s forte is getting her clients to take simple movements and perform them with precision and intention. In essence, this involves working from the ground up on strength, balance in the body, and fluidity of movement. She is our “go to” movement specialist, and is a strong believer that “one must earn his or her movement progression.” In other words, she will not allow her clients to go to the “next level” of movement until they have mastered the current level. This approach creates total body awareness and complete efficiency for clients. Because of her detailed attention to movement, she works brilliantly with the aging population and endurance athletes, as well as with clients of all ages.

Larisa, a TRX® Suspension Training® expert, has used TRX for eight years and has trained with it for five years. She regularly attends training seminars and educational conferences across the country, conducted by top TRX trainers, to continuously stay at the edge of TRX advancements and bring those innovations home to her clients.

For Larisa, it isn’t all about “the sweat.” A former elite runner and triathlete, she feels the body is precious and that we must treat it that way, by being conscious of our movement and using it to create balance while building the desired physique. To that end, she utilizes movement assessments to stay on top of her clients’ forms to create proper function in the body. Larisa is high energy and fun to work with, and she will make you think!


Fitness background: Runner (“miler” in college), triathlons

Current fitness interests: Functional training, biking, running, yoga

Mentors: Mark Verstegen, Greg Rose, D.C., Todd Wright, Fraser Quelch

Certifications: National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) Certified Personal Trainer; Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certifications 1 and 2; Certified TRX® Suspension Training® Level 1, TRX Group Training Level 2, and TRX Physical Therapy; Certified Trainer Ultimate Sandbags DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance TrainingTM); Master’s in Special Education concentrated in Physical and Cognitive Development


Cary Flow Yoga is thrilled to have Larisa as an instructor.