Melissa Campbell, TRX

melissa-campell-trx instructor at cary-flow-yogaAs a child, Melissa was always interested in physical activities. She basically grew up on the farm, helping her grandfather plow the fields and tend to the cattle. As she grew older she began to dabble in different sports and activities finding a passion in motion: as a softball player, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, runner, and her grandfather’s little helper. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t an athlete. This lifestyle has been a gift and a tool as she now observes her grandfather, who is now 86 maintaining an active lifestyle with a healthy body and mind.

After the birth of her two beautiful boys, a friend, introduced Melissa to pilates. What started out as another way to exercise to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight, turned into a year of movement that was not just exercise but also mind-body awareness. As she continued her journey of pilates movement she gained better self-esteem, and knowledge that this work, although exercise, was bringing calmness to her life.

After a year of participating in private and group classes, Melissa was motivated to become an instructor-completing the full comprehensive work through Balanced Body University, followed by TRX training in 2011. The fusion of TRX with Pilates core strengthening tools comes naturally as the next progression of her impact as a fitness and wellness instructor.

Melissa’s belief is that exercising the body and mind will lead one to a lifetime of good health and mental stability.

Cary Flow Yoga is thrilled to have Melissa as an instructor.